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Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about ordering and delivering your home heating oil. If you'd like to speak to someone about a query simply call us on 01454 333 033.


How do I dip my tank?

Insert a stick into your home heating oil tank until it touches the bottom. Make sure your stick is vertical; if it goes in at an angle you’ll get a reading that’s higher than your oil level. Remove the stick to see how much of it has been immersed in the oil.

If you have a heating oil chart you can use this to calculate the volume left in your tank. If you don’t have a chart, simply see where the oil is on your stick. If only the lower part of the stick is covered you know levels are getting low and you'll need to schedule a delivery soon.

How do I get a priority fuel delivery?

If your fuel oil is running low and you need a priority delivery simply let us know when you call to order, or select the soonest available delivery window with your order online.

If you've run out of fuel and need an emergency delivery we'll aim to deliver to you within 24 hours, at an additional charge.

Should I include my home heating oil tank on my insurance?

We recommend you choose an insurance company that offers cover for any loss of fuel through theft or spillage.

What should I do if I see oil leaking?

If you see oil leaking from your tank contact your insurance company immediately. Depending on your level of cover they should be able to appoint a suitable specialist to stop the leak and assess the impact. If your insurance doesn’t provide adequate cover you should contact a specialist contractor immediately. Start by contacting an OFTEC technician or UK Spill-accredited clean-up company.

What should I do if my tank is cracked?

If a crack appears on your tank, you’ll need to act quickly to avoid any possible environmental damage. Check whether the crack is above or below the oil level. If the crack's below the oil level get some of your oil removed as soon as possible to prevent any leaks. Once there’s no risk of a leak you’ll need to replace your tank as soon as possible. We can't deliver if your tank is in a poor state of repair. If you'd like more information about our tank replacement service please call us on 01454 333 033.

How often should I have my tank inspected?

We recommend you have your home heating oil tank inspected at least once a year. This ensures your tank is safe, compliant with regulations and functioning well. You’ll receive a lifespan estimation so you can plan for the cost of replacement. It also demonstrates to your insurance company that you’ve been responsible in the event of a claim.

If your tank isn't sufficiently well maintained we may not be able to deliver your fuel safely.

How do I arrange a tank inspection?

We can arrange to have your home heating oil tank inspected – just call us on 01454 333 033 to schedule an appointment.

How often should I replace my tank?

The average life of a home heating oil tank is 15 to 20 years. If you're unsure how old your tank is, please contact us for a tank inspection.

Do I need to be in when you deliver?

Providing our driver has safe access to your home heating oil tank you don’t need to be in when we deliver.

Please make sure access gates and your tank are left unlocked. It’s advisable to lock up any pets or livestock or move them away from areas that will be accessed during your delivery. This guarantees their safety and means there’s no risk of any animals escaping.

What if my tank is locked?

Our drivers are happy to follow any written instructions or hold keys for the lock to your tank.

How quickly can you deliver?

Deliveries are usually scheduled within five working days of your order being placed. Express deliveries can be scheduled within two working days of your order, providing we have availability.

Please call us on 01454 333 033 to discuss your delivery needs. If you're running very low we can arrange an emergency delivery of just 200 litres.

How do I know when my delivery is due?

We can text or call you the day before your delivery to remind you to keep your home heating oil tank accessible the following day.

Can you deliver on weekends?

Our delivery days are Monday – Friday. We can deliver at the weekend by special request, however this will incur an additional cost.

How big is the delivery tanker?

We have several delivery trucks, the largest of which holds 18,000 litres, whilst our smallest carries 10,500 litres.

Most of our tankers need a lane at least 9 feet wide, without sharp bends, in order to deliver. For properties with limited access we can use our smaller more manoeuvrable trucks. Additionally, we have 4x4 vehicles which hold 1,000 litres for more hard to reach deliveries.

How far can the tanker hose reach?

In order to successfully deliver your fuel oil our tanker needs to be able to reach within 150 feet of your tank. Drivers can deliver from the road or pass the delivery hose over a wall or hedge to access your oil tank.

If you’re concerned about whether your delivery will reach you simply give us a ring on 01454 333 033 to discuss your accessibility.

How can I pay?

We have several payment plans designed to help you manage your fuel costs for no additional fee including Pay As You Go, easiLife and our monthly payment plan.

If you're a new customer purchasing fuel via Pay As You Go we require full payment when you first order. For subsequent orders made within a year you’ll have seven days from delivery to arrange full payment.

If you choose our monthly payment plan you'll spread the cost of your fuel over twelve months by direct debit.

Do you offer a tank monitoring service?

As part of our easiLIFE monthly payment plan we'll install a free small tank monitor.

We'll insert a small tube via a site hole, so your tank isn't damaged. This lets us monitor your home heating oil level and schedule deliveries when you need them, so your oil levels don't drop too far below 30%. 

What’s the minimum fuel order?

The minimum amount we can deliver is 200 litres.

Regular domestic customers with a 3-bedroom house typically use between 1,500-3,000 litres a year. Many domestic customers opt to have a delivery of 1,000 litres to cover the winter months, with smaller top ups when they're needed.

What happens if I’ve paid upfront but my tank can’t take the full amount ordered?

If our driver finds you've ordered too much home heating oil for your tank’s capacity, we’ll refund the cost of any undelivered amount straight to your payment card or amend your payment plan.

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