Helping to heat churches, schools and other public buildings

We are trusted, reliable heating oil suppliers, able to schedule deliveries to accommodate your building's access and timetable.

Keeping local school children, parishioners and the Bridge group warm.


Order by phone

Simply call and talk to one of our friendly, local team to get a quote and place your order.

Lines open weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30

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01454 333 033

Quote and buy online

If office hours don’t work for you simply get a quote or order online, anytime.

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Where we deliver

We deliver throughout the west of England and central Wales.

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Running low on heating oil?

For emergency deliveries call 01454 333 033‚Äč

High quality heating oil

We only use the highest quality products, ensuring your heating oil burns efficiently, lasts longer and helps to keep your boiler, cooker and heating elements working well.

Heating Oil

Our top-grade kerosene heating oil is ideal for your heating systems. For a more efficient burn have a look at BetterBURN.



BetterBURN heating oil burns up to 10% more efficiently, while added corrosion inhibitors protect your boiler and cooker.



BetterBURNv is specifically designed for vaporising burners such as AGAs. It reduces deposits, fuel ageing and burns more efficiently.  



Never worry about ordering heating oil again

easiLIFE is a free service that takes away the worry of ordering heating oil.

We'll remotely monitor the oil levels in your tanks, arrange a delivery when your oil gets low and set up a monthly payment plan - so you always have the fuel oil you need to run your business.


We won't charge to fit your remote tank monitor

additional costs

It's free to sign up to an easyLIFE

Free Remote
Tank Monitor

We'll monitor your tank so we know when to make your next delivery


We'll schedule your next delivery when your tank starts getting low

the cost

You pay for your oil over twelve months by direct debit

If you have any questions call us weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30
on 01454 333 033 or email

Flexible payment options

We have payment options to suit your needs, whether you want to pay upfront or spread the cost of your heating oil.

Pay As You Go

Pay for your fuel online or by phone each time you receive a delivery

Monthly Payment Plan

Spread your fuel cost over twelve months by direct debit

Service Level Agreement

Guarantee your minimum order over a year and we'll guarantee a fixed margin

If you have any questions call us weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30 on
01454 333 033 or email

Health and safety

We have the health and safety certificates we need, ensuring a safe delivery

Our qualified drivers are trained to be careful delivering to schools and public buildings. 

Our promise

We put customers at our core by promising to deliver to the highest standards.

Which is why we offer fair prices, easy payment options, hassle free ordering and timely deliveries. 


Quote and buy online

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If you have any questions call us on 01454 333 033 or email