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Fuel savings for businesses 

31 Jul 2019

Turning fuel expenses into a well-oiled machine 

Fuel expenses come in a variety of forms, from heating oil for your off-grid buildings to petrol and diesel for your business’s vehicles.   

If your business runs a fleet, you’ll know that fuelling vehicles can be expensive and time consuming.  

With a fuel card your drivers don’t have to worry about receipts or submitting expense claims, you’ll have lower fuel costs through discounted fuel at the pump and it’s easier for accounts to reconcile, pay and reimburse fuel expenses. 

Silvey Fleet, our sister company, offers cost-saving fuel cards that give companies access to competitively priced fuel that saves them money. Customers also get accurate management information, giving them the data they need to run their fleet more efficiently.  

Here’s how a Silvey Fleet fuel card could help your business: 


Cost & coverage 

Silvey Fleet fuel cards offer access to 6,500 stations across national networks, so your drivers won’t struggle to fill up. Silvey Fleet look at the routes your drivers use regularly to see which stations are closest to them, ensuring your fuel card offers the greatest convenience and best cost-savings. 

What’s more, Silvey Fleet fuel cards are free to set up and use, with no minimum spend or transaction fees - so you keep all the savings you make at the pump.  You’ll also receive a weekly price for fuel in advance, so you know the cost per litre for the week ahead. 


Long-term partnerships 

At Silvey we know that doing the right thing for our customers is the best way to create strong, long-lasting relationships. That’s why at Silvey Fleet they work with businesses to make sure their fuel card and fleet solutions are right for them, whether they have 5 or 500 vehicles. 

Each fuel card customer has a dedicated account manager who’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business, making sure you get the most from your fuel cards once they’re up and running. 

Chris Malone of Crown Flooring says of working with Silvey Fleet: 

“Unlike some fuel card companies, Silvey Fleet has remained very competitive and has done everything they can to keep our fuel prices low. They will always communicate any changes; their customer service team has gone to great lengths to ensure we have the best possible service.” 

To find out more about a Silvey Fleet fuel card call 01454 333022 or visit www.silveyfleet.co.uk 


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