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Extreme Weather Hard on Farmers

17 July 2018

We saw a really harsh winter and spring this year, bringing with it a large amount of snow.  Now we are in the middle of a heatwave and a prolonged period of dry weather.


Did you know tanks can split in warmer temperatures?

05 July 2018

We have been lucky enough to get a warm start to summer this year, but the warmer temperatures can warp and split your oil tank. 


It’s Official! Heating Oil is the Most Efficient Form of Energy!!

23 January 2018

The Federal Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) have just confirmed that following a recent energy comparison report, oil has been found to be substantially more efficient than electric, gas and LPG. 


Tips for Keeping Heating Costs Down in Winter

05 December 2017

No one wants to be cold around this time of year, so we have put together a few tips to help you keep warm and save money.


Check The Health of Your Tank!

08 November 2017

Did you know that most domestic oil storage tanks have an expected life span of twenty years? An inspection of your tank now, before winter, could help avoid any loss of heating during the colder months.


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