Cost effective fuel cards for your business

Select the right fuel card for your business, with no set up costs or hidden fees. 

Benefit from fixed weekly pricing, interest free credit and flexible payment terms.

Silvey Fleet fuel card 

Fuel for your fleet

With a Silvey Fleet fuel card you'll have acces to e‑reporting that links to your expenses system and VAT register. Your online account also lets you view transaction reports, set daily or weekly spending limits and control the products your drivers can buy.

If you have any questions you can call us weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30 on 01454 333 033 or visit the Silvey Fleet website.

Silvey Fleet Site

Why choose a Silvey Fleet fuel card?

Our expert team will work with you to make sure your fuel card is the best choice for your business, based on your drivers' routes and network coverage.

Free to set up

There are no transaction fees or hidden costs.

Less admin

Save time and money with less administration.

Safe and secure

Set spending limits and restrict purchases.


Reduced fuel costs will save you money.

Site finder

Fill up at over 6,500 multi branded fuel stations

Find out which stations are on your regular routes to get started with your next fuel card.

Silvey Fleet Site

Our fuel card partners

Access cheaper fuel across national networks

Want a Silvey Fleet fuel card?

 Call us weekdays between 08:00 and 17:30 on 01454 333 033
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What businesses say about us

Prompt, courteous and friendly!

Mr Nicholas

Always answer the telephone professionally and Silvey Fuels always endeavour to make sure the order is correct and runs smoothly with no problems.

Mrs Rees-Price

Always deliver on promises. Help when I've left my refill to the last minute.

Acorn Co Ltd

I like having the delivery timescales set at time of order and follow up email reminder a day before delivery.

Mr Kurobasa

Good service and now good diesel prices.

Gas Sheppard Transport